§ 58.1-2904

Imposition of tax

A. Effective January 1, 2001, there is hereby imposed, in addition to the local consumer utility tax of Article 4 (§ 58.1-3812 et seq.) of Chapter 38 of this title, a tax on the consumers of natural gas in the Commonwealth based on volume of gas at standard pressure and temperature in units of 100 cubic feet (CCF) delivered by the pipeline distribution company or gas utility and used per month. Each consumer of natural gas in the Commonwealth shall pay tax on the consumption of all natural gas consumed per month not in excess of 500 CCF at the following rates: (i) state consumption tax rate of $ 0.0135 per CCF, (ii) local consumption tax rate of $ 0.004 per CCF, and (iii) a special regulatory tax rate of up to $ 0.002 per CCF.

B. The tax rates set forth in subsection A are in lieu of and replace the state gross receipts tax pursuant to § 58.1-2626, the special regulatory revenue tax pursuant to § 58.1-2660, and the local license tax pursuant to § 58.1-3731 levied on corporations furnishing heat, light or power by means of natural gas.

C. The tax of consumers under this section shall not be imposed on consumers served by a gas utility owned or operated by a municipality.

D. The tax authorized by this chapter shall not apply to use by divisions or agencies of federal, state and local governments.


2000, cc. 691, 706.


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