§ 58.1-311.1

Report of change in taxes paid to other states

If the amount of any individual taxpayer’s income tax reported on a return filed with any other state for any taxable year is changed or corrected by such state as a result of an examination conducted by a competent authority of such state, and the taxpayer previously claimed a credit for such tax pursuant to § 58.1-332, the taxpayer shall file an amended return, or such other form as the Department may prescribe, reporting the effects of such change or correction on the taxpayer’s Virginia individual income tax within one year after the final determination of such change or correction, or as otherwise required by the Department, and shall concede the accuracy of such determination or declare wherein it is erroneous. However, if the Department has sufficient information from which to compute the proper additional tax and the taxpayer has paid such tax, then the taxpayer is not required to file an amended individual income tax return. Any taxpayer filing an amended income tax return with any other state that results in a change to the taxpayer’s Virginia income tax shall also file an amended return within one year thereafter under this chapter and shall provide such information as the Department may require. The Department may by regulation prescribe such exceptions to the requirements of this section as it deems appropriate.


2006, c. 234.


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