§ 58.1-3153

Compensation for the citizen member of the county finance board

The citizen member of the county finance board may in the discretion of the governing body of the county receive for each day’s attendance as a member of the board a sum not less than twenty dollars and such reimbursement for his daily mileage as prescribed in § 2.2-2823. The allowance made under this section shall be paid by the governing body out of county funds, on a certificate of attendance from the chairman of the county finance board, verified by the written statement of the citizen member as to mileage traveled in going to and returning from the meeting. The total compensation paid under this section shall not exceed $ 360, in addition to the mileage allowance, in any one year.


Code 1950, § 58-942; 1952, c. 630; 1974, c. 6; 1976, c. 308; 1984, c. 675.


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