§ 58.1-3959

Petition to ascertain delinquent taxes; exoneration from lien

Any person interested in real estate may file a petition in the circuit court of the county or city wherein the assessment of taxes was made, for the purpose of having ascertained any and all delinquent taxes due upon such real estate or any delinquent taxes imposed under the authority of § 58.1-3712, 58.1-3713, 58.1-3713.4, or 58.1-3741. A copy of the petition shall be served upon the county or city attorney, or if there is none, on the attorney for the Commonwealth at least ten days before the date upon which the petition specifies the court shall be asked to hear the petition. The court may refer the question to a commissioner in chancery for report thereon. The court shall enter final judgment determining what, if any, taxes are due upon the real estate, including any taxes covered by the lien described in § 58.1-3745, mentioned in the petition. Upon the payment of any amount so ascertained by the court, and the costs of the proceeding, the land shall be held free and clear of any such tax lien. No writ tax shall be charged. The clerk shall be entitled to a fee of one dollar which, together with other costs, including such fee as the court may deem proper to allow the commissioner in chancery, shall be paid by the petitioner.


Code 1950, § 58-1025; 1984, c. 675; 2001, c. 462; 2013, cc. 305, 618.


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