§ 58.1-4005

Appointment, qualifications and salary of Director

A. The Department shall be under the immediate supervision and direction of a Director, who shall be a person of good reputation, particularly as to honesty and integrity, and shall be subject to a thorough background investigation conducted by the Department of State Police prior to appointment. The Director shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Governor, subject to confirmation by a majority of the members elected to each house of the General Assembly if in session when the appointment is made, and if not in session, then at its next succeeding session. The Director shall receive a salary as provided in the general appropriations act.

B. The Director shall devote his full time to the performance of his official duties and shall not be engaged in any other profession or occupation.

C. Before entering upon the discharge of his duties, the Director shall take an oath that he will faithfully and honestly execute the duties of his office during his continuance therein and shall give bond in such amount as may be fixed by the Governor, conditioned upon the faithful discharge of his duties. The premium on such bond shall be paid out of the Virginia Lottery Fund.


1987, c. 531; 2014, c. 225.


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