§ 58.1-4006

Powers of the Director

A. The Director shall supervise and administer the operation of the lottery in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and with the rules and regulations promulgated hereunder.

B. The Director shall also:

1. Employ such deputy directors, professional, technical and clerical assistants, and other employees as may be required to carry out the functions and duties of the Department.

2. Act as secretary and executive officer of the Board.

3. Require bond or other surety satisfactory to the Director from licensed agents as provided in subsection E of § 58.1-4009 and Department employees with access to Department funds or lottery funds, in such amount as provided in the rules and regulations of the Board. The Director may also require bond from other employees as he deems necessary.

4. Confer regularly, but not less than four times each year, with the Board on the operation and administration of the lottery; make available for inspection by the Board, upon request, all books, records, files, and other information and documents of the Department; and advise the Board and recommend such matters as he deems necessary and advisable to improve the operation and administration of the lottery.

5. Suspend, revoke or refuse to renew any license issued pursuant to this chapter or the rules and regulations adopted hereunder.

6. Enter into contracts for the operation of the lottery, or any part thereof, for the promotion of the lottery and into interstate lottery contracts with other states. A contract awarded or entered into by the Director shall not be assigned by the holder thereof except by specific approval of the Director.

7. Certify monthly to the State Comptroller and the Board a full and complete statement of lottery revenues, prize disbursements and other expenses for the preceding month.

8. Report monthly to the Governor, the Secretary of Finance and the Chairmen of the Senate Finance Committee, House Finance Committee and House Appropriations Committee the total lottery revenues, prize disbursements and other expenses for the preceding month, and make an annual report, which shall include a full and complete statement of lottery revenues, prize disbursements and other expenses, to the Governor and the General Assembly. Such annual report shall also include such recommendations for changes in this chapter as the Director and Board deem necessary or desirable.

9. Report immediately to the Governor and the General Assembly any matters which require immediate changes in the laws of this Commonwealth in order to prevent abuses and evasions of this chapter or the rules and regulations adopted hereunder or to rectify undesirable conditions in connection with the administration or operation of the lottery.

10. Notify prize winners and appropriate state and federal agencies of the payment of prizes in excess of $ 600 in the manner required by the lottery rules and regulations.

11. Provide for the withholding of the applicable amount of state and federal income tax of persons claiming a prize for a winning ticket in excess of $ 5,001.

C. The Director and the director of security or investigators appointed by the Director shall be vested with the powers of sheriff and sworn to enforce the statutes and regulations pertaining to the Department and to investigate violations of the statutes and regulations that the Director is required to enforce.

D. The Director may authorize temporary bonus or incentive programs for payments to licensed sales agents which he determines will be cost effective and support increased sales of lottery products.


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