§ 58.1-4011

Meaning of “gross receipts.”

A. Notwithstanding the provisions of Chapter 37 (§ 58.1-3700 et seq.) or § 58.1-4025 relating to local license taxes, the term “gross receipts” as used in Chapter 37 shall include only the compensation actually paid to a licensed sales agent as provided by rule or regulation adopted by the Board consistent with the provisions of subdivision A 11 of § 58.1-4007.

B. Unless otherwise provided by contract, any person licensed as a lottery agent who makes rental payments for the business premises on which state lottery tickets are sold on the basis of retail sales shall have that portion of rental payment based on sales of state lottery tickets or shares computed on the basis of the compensation received as a lottery agent from the Virginia Lottery.


1987, c. 531; 2014, c. 225.


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