§ 6.2-1095

Compensation of association acting as fiduciary

A. If the amount of the compensation for acting in a fiduciary capacity is not provided for in the governing instrument or otherwise agreed to by the parties, an association acting in such capacity may charge or deduct reasonable compensation for its services. When the association is acting in a fiduciary capacity under appointment by a court, it shall receive such compensation as may be allowed or approved by that court.

B. No association, except with the specific approval of its board of directors, shall permit any of its officers or employees, while serving as such, to retain any compensation for acting as a co-fiduciary with the association in the administration of any trust account undertaken by it.

C. No association shall permit an officer or employee engaged in the operation of its trust department to accept a devise, bequest, or gift of trust account assets, unless the devise, bequest, or gift is directed or made by a relative of such officer or employee, or is approved by the board of directors of the association.


1984, c. 303, § 6.1-195.92; 2010, c. 794.


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