§ 6.2-1096

Surrender of trust powers by association

Any association that has been granted the right to exercise trust powers and that desires to surrender such rights shall file with the Commission a certified copy of the resolution of its board of directors signifying such desire. Upon receipt of such resolution, the Commission shall make an investigation. If the Commission is satisfied that the association has been properly discharged from all fiduciary duties that it has undertaken, the Commission shall issue a certificate to such association certifying that it is no longer authorized to exercise fiduciary powers. Upon issuance of such a certificate by the Commission, an association shall no longer be subject to the provisions of this article and shall not exercise thereafter any of the powers granted by this article without first applying for and obtaining a new authorization to exercise such powers.


1984, c. 303, § 6.1-195.93; 2010, c. 794.


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