Incorporation; Certificate Of Authority; Corporate Administration.

This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Incorporation; Certificate Of Authority; Corporate Administration..” It is part of Title 6.2, titled “Financial Institutions And Services.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Depository Institutions And Trust Organizations.” It is part of Chapter 11, titled “Savings Institutions.” It’s comprised of the following 19 sections.

§ 6.2-1114
Application of Virginia Stock Corporation Act and Virginia Nonstock Corporation Act
§ 6.2-1115
Formation of state savings institutions
§ 6.2-1116
Corporation name
§ 6.2-1117
Par value of shares; payment of shares; reacquisitions of shares or acceptance thereof as security; how subscriptions to stock to be paid; disposition of money received before institution opens; stock option plans
§ 6.2-1118
Certificate of authority to do business
§ 6.2-1119
Commissions and other fees for sale of stock not permitted
§ 6.2-1120
Minimum capital requirement
§ 6.2-1121
Board of directors
§ 6.2-1122
Meetings of board of directors
§ 6.2-1123
Notice of meetings of members; determining members entitled to notice or to vote
§ 6.2-1124
Voting rights; proxies
§ 6.2-1125
Access to books and records; communication with members
§ 6.2-1126
Audit of savings institution; report
§ 6.2-1127
Bonds of officers and employees
§ 6.2-1128
Loans to executive officers or directors
§ 6.2-1129
Overdrafts by savings institution officers, directors or employees
§ 6.2-1130
Reserves; surplus and undivided profits
§ 6.2-1131
Liability of members of mutual savings institutions
§ 6.2-1132
Mutual capital certificates