§ 63.2-1700

Application fees; regulations and schedules; use of fees; certain facilities, centers and agencies exempt

The Board is authorized to adopt regulations and schedules for fees to be charged for processing applications for licenses to operate assisted living facilities, adult day care centers and child welfare agencies. Such schedules shall specify minimum and maximum fees and, where appropriate, gradations based on the capacity of such facilities, centers and agencies. Fees shall be used for the development and delivery of training for operators and staff of facilities, centers and agencies. Fees shall be expended for this purpose within two fiscal years following the fiscal year in which they are collected. These fees shall not be applicable to facilities, centers or agencies operated by federal entities.The Board shall develop training programs for operators and staffs of licensed child day programs. Such programs shall include formal and informal training offered by institutions of higher education, state and national associations representing child care professionals, local and regional early childhood educational organizations and licensed child care providers. Training provided to operators and staffs of licensed child day programs shall include training and information regarding shaken baby syndrome, its effects, and resources for help and support for caretakers. To the maximum extent possible, the Board shall ensure that all provider interests are represented and that no single approach to training shall be given preference.


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