General Provisions

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “General Provisions.” It is part of Title 63.2, titled “Welfare (social Services).” It is part of Subtitle IV, titled “Licensure.” It is part of Chapter 17, titled “Licensure And Registration Procedures.” It’s comprised of the following 20 sections.

§ 63.2-1700
Application fees; regulations and schedules; use of fees; certain facilities, centers and agencies exempt
§ 63.2-1701
Licenses required; issuance, expiration, and renewal; maximum number of residents, participants or children; posting of licenses
§ 63.2-1701.1
Local government to report business licenses issued to child day centers and family day homes
§ 63.2-1702
Investigation on receipt of application
§ 63.2-1703
§ 63.2-1704
Voluntary registration of family day homes; inspections; investigation upon receipt of complaint; revocation or suspension of registration
§ 63.2-1704.1
Unlicensed and unregistered family day homes; notice to parents
§ 63.2-1705
Compliance with Uniform Statewide Building Code
§ 63.2-1706
Inspections and interviews
§ 63.2-1707
Issuance or refusal of license; notification; provisional and conditional licenses
§ 63.2-1708
Records and reports
§ 63.2-1709
Enforcement and sanctions; assisted living facilities and adult day care centers; interim administration; receivership, revocation, denial, summary suspension
§ 63.2-1709.1
Enforcement and sanctions; child welfare agencies; revocation and denial
§ 63.2-1709.2
Enforcement and sanctions; special orders; civil penalties
§ 63.2-1709.3
Child-placing agencies; conscience clause
§ 63.2-1710
Appeal from refusal, denial of renewal or revocation of license
§ 63.2-1711
Injunction against operation without license
§ 63.2-1712
Offenses; penalty
§ 63.2-1713
Misleading advertising prohibited
§ 63.2-1714
Duty of attorneys for the Commonwealth