§ 63.2-314

Funds received from public or private sources; authority of local governing bodies to make grants; authority of local boards to establish regulations and fees for court ordered services

A. The local boards are authorized to receive and disburse funds derived from public grants or private sources in the form of gifts, contributions, bequests or legacies for the purpose of aiding needy persons within their respective counties, cities or districts. The governing bodies of counties and cities are authorized to make public grants hereunder to their respective local boards. Eligibility for aid from these sources need not be limited to requirements established for the public assistance programs in this Commonwealth. All funds received from such sources shall be deposited in the treasuries of the respective county, city or local district board to the credit of the county, city or local district board and dispensed as authorized by such county, city or local district board.

B. Local boards may establish regulations and fee schedules and may receive fees for services that a court directs a local department to perform pursuant to § 16.1-274.


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