§ 63.2-802

Eligibility for general relief

If a local board has exercised its option to establish a program of general relief, a person shall be eligible for such components of the general relief program as the locality chooses to provide if he is in need of general relief. The establishment of and continued participation in such general relief program shall be optional with the local board. Nothing contained in this section shall restrict the authority of a local board under § 63.2-314. No person shall be deemed to be in need of general relief, however, if he fails to accept available employment which is appropriate to his physical and mental abilities and training, taking into consideration his home and family responsibilities which would affect his availability for employment. Prepaid funeral expenses, which do not exceed an amount established by the Board, shall not be considered a financial asset in determining a person’s eligibility for general relief.


Code 1950, § 63-205; 1968, cc. 578, 666, § 63.1-106; 1972, c. 768; 1977, c. 241; 1980, cc. 18, 20; 2002, c. 747.


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