§ 63.2-603

Eligibility for TANF; childhood immunizations

An applicant for TANF shall provide verification that all eligible children not enrolled in school, a licensed family day home, or a licensed child day center, have received immunizations in accordance with § 32.1-46. However, if an eligible child has not received immunizations in accordance with § 32.1-46, verification shall be provided at the next scheduled redetermination of eligibility for TANF after initial eligibility is granted that the child has received at least one dose of each of the immunizations required by § 32.1-46 as appropriate for the child’s age and that the child’s physician or the local health department has developed a plan for completing the immunizations. Verification of compliance with the plan for completing the immunizations shall be presented at subsequent redeterminations of eligibility for TANF.If necessary, the local department shall provide assistance to the TANF recipient in obtaining verification from immunization providers. No sanction may be imposed until the reason for the failure to comply with the immunization requirement has been identified and any barriers to accessing immunizations have been removed.Failure by the recipient to provide the required verification of immunizations shall result in a reduction in the amount of monthly assistance received from the TANF program until the required verification is provided. The reduction shall be fifty dollars for the first child and twenty-five dollars for each additional child for whom verification is not provided.Any person who becomes ineligible for TANF payments as a result of this provision shall nonetheless be considered a TANF recipient for all other purposes.


1994, c. 188, § 63.1-105.2; 2002, c. 747.


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