§ 63.2-605

Eligibility for TANF; parolees and probationers who fail drug tests

Upon receipt of notification from a probation or parole officer that a TANF caretaker under his supervision has failed a drug test, the local department shall provide future TANF cash benefits to such caretaker’s assistance unit as protective or vendor payments to a third party payee for the benefit of the assistance unit. After twelve months, the local department may reinstate such caretaker as the payee for the assistance unit provided such caretaker has failed no subsequent drug test within such twelve-month period. Any caretaker who is reported to have failed a drug test under this section may appeal such report, including the validity of any test results, pursuant to §§ 63.2-517, 63.2-518 and 63.2-519.


1997, c. 526, § 63.1-105.8; 2002, c. 747.


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