§ 64.2-1212

Exceptions to report; examination, correction, and confirmation

A. If no exceptions have been filed, the report shall stand confirmed on the day next following the expiration of the period of 15 days after the day on which the report was filed in the clerk’s office.

B. If exceptions have been filed, the circuit court, after 15 days from the time the report has been filed in its office, shall examine such exceptions that have been timely filed. The court shall correct any errors that appear on the exceptions and to this end may (i) commit the report to the same or another commissioner of accounts, as often as it sees cause, (ii) cause a jury to be empaneled to inquire into any matter that in its opinion should be ascertained in that way, or (iii) confirm the report in whole or in a qualified manner. The court shall certify in the order that it has made a personal examination of the exceptions.


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