§ 64.2-1213

Effect of confirmation of report

The report, to the extent to which it is confirmed by an order of the circuit court upon exceptions filed pursuant to subsection B of § 64.2-1212 or in whole when confirmed by lapse of time without exceptions pursuant to subsection A of § 64.2-1212, shall be taken to be correct, except so far as it may, in a suit, in proper time, be surcharged or falsified. However, no person who was a party to exceptions filed to the report shall bring a suit to surcharge or falsify the report, and in such case the action of the court on the report shall be final as to such party, except that it may be appealed from as in other suits.


Code 1919, § 5429; 1932, p. 554; 1944, p. 107; Code 1950, § 26-34; 2012, c. 614.


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