§ 65.2-800

Duty to insure payment of compensation; effect of insurance

A. Every employer subject to the compensation provisions of this title shall insure the payment of compensation to his employees in the manner hereinafter provided. While such insurance remains in force he or those conducting his business shall only be liable to an employee for personal injury or death by accident to the extent and in the manner herein specified.

B. To ensure that all employers who are required to have workers’ compensation insurance under this title have notice of such requirement, the appropriate official of a county, city, or town who licenses employers to conduct business under Chapter 37 (§ 58.1-3700 et seq.) of Title 58.1 or the State Corporation Commission who charters employers to conduct business under § 12.1-12 shall provide employers requesting such licenses or charters on and after January 1, 1989, with information concerning statutory requirements for such insurance coverage. The Workers’ Compensation Commission shall prepare such information and distribute it to such licensing or chartering officials. The failure of the local official or the State Corporation Commission to give such notice to an employer shall not relieve the employer of the duty of acquiring insurance as required by this title.

C. As used in this section, the words “those conducting his business” shall include any person whose act results in an injury or death compensable under this title and arises out of and in the course of employment by an employer who is or may be liable for the payment of compensation. A person other than an employer or statutory employer, or a person employed by either, whose acts result in such injury or death shall be deemed an “other party” within the meaning of § 65.2-309.


Code 1950, § 65-99; 1968, c. 660, § 65.1-103; 1977, c. 113; 1988, c. 543; 1991, c. 355.


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