Insurance And Self-insurance

This is Chapter 8 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Insurance And Self-insurance.” It is part of Title 65.2, titled “Workers' Compensation.” It’s comprised of the following 29 sections.

§ 65.2-800
Duty to insure payment of compensation; effect of insurance
§ 65.2-801
Insurance or proof of financial ability to pay required
§ 65.2-802
Requirements for licensure as group self-insurance association; annual assessment
§ 65.2-803
Administrator and service company affiliation prohibited; exception
§ 65.2-803.1
Requirements for registration as professional employer organization; annual assessment
§ 65.2-804
Evidence of compliance with title; notices of cancellation of insurance
§ 65.2-805
Civil penalty for violation of §§ 65.2-800, 65.2-803.1, and 65.2-804
§ 65.2-806
Criminal penalties
§ 65.2-807
Cost of insurance may not be deducted from wages
§ 65.2-808
Self-insurance certificate
§ 65.2-809
Constructive notice to, jurisdiction of, and awards, etc., binding upon insurer
§ 65.2-810
How formal notice may be given
§ 65.2-811
Liability of insurer
§ 65.2-812
Subrogation of insurance carrier to employer's rights; compromise
§ 65.2-813
Insurance deemed subject to title; approval of forms
§ 65.2-813.1
Insurers offering policies with deductibles
§ 65.2-813.2
Premium discounts; drug-free workplace programs
§ 65.2-814
Insurer to furnish written evidence of coverage on request
§ 65.2-815
Group self-insurance association required to furnish written evidence of membership
§ 65.2-816
Title not applicable to boiler, etc., insurance
§ 65.2-817
Rates; cooperation between State Corporation Commission and Workers' Compensation Commission
§ 65.2-818
Minimum standards of service for insurers
§ 65.2-819
Penalty for violation of certain provisions
§ 65.2-820
Application to State Corporation Commission for assignment of risk; insurer assigned risk to issue policy
§ 65.2-821
State Corporation Commission to make rules and regulations, and establish rating schedules and rates
§ 65.2-821.1
Payment and reimbursement practices; prohibitions
§ 65.2-822
Action by State Corporation Commission upon application
§ 65.2-823
Information filed with State Corporation Commission by insurance carrier to be confidential; exception
§ 65.2-824
Disclosures not required of State Corporation Commission; liability for acts or omissions