§ 65.2-821

State Corporation Commission to make rules and regulations, and establish rating schedules and rates

A. The State Corporation Commission may make reasonable rules and regulations for the assignment of risks to insurance carriers. It shall establish such rate classifications, rating schedules, rates, rules and regulations to be used by insurance carriers issuing assigned risk workers’ compensation policies in accordance with this chapter as appear to it to be proper.

B. In the establishment of rate classifications, rating schedules, rates, rules and regulations, it shall be guided by such principles and practices as have been established under its statutory authority to regulate workers’ compensation insurance rates and it may act in conformity with its statutory discretionary authority in such matters.


Code 1950, § 65-114.2; 1956, c. 358; 1968, c. 660, § 65.1-120; 1991, c. 355.


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