§ 65.2-823

Information filed with State Corporation Commission by insurance carrier to be confidential; exception

Any and all information filed with the State Corporation Commission by an insurance carrier or a rate service organization in connection with an assigned risk shall be confidential and solely for the information of the State Corporation Commission and its staff and shall not be disclosed to any person, including an applicant, policyholder and any other insurance carrier.However, at the discretion of the State Corporation Commission, such information may be disclosed to any agent or insurer licensed in the Commonwealth for the purpose of procuring coverage in the voluntary market. Such disclosure shall be limited to the insured’s name, address, policy expiration, risk identification number, experience modification factor, governing classification, premium, information pertaining to whether the insured has locations in multiple states, and any other information the State Corporation Commission deems appropriate.


Code 1950, § 65-114.4; 1956, c. 358; 1968, c. 660, § 65.1-122; 1991, c. 355; 1993, c. 985.


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