Enforcement Generally

This is Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Enforcement Generally.” It is part of Title 8.01, titled “Civil Remedies And Procedure.” It is part of Chapter 18, titled “Executions And Other Means Of Recovery.” It’s comprised of the following 15 sections.

§ 8.01-487
Officer to endorse on fieri facias time of receiving it
§ 8.01-487.1
Officer to leave copy of writ where levy made
§ 8.01-488
When several writs of fieri facias, how satisfied
§ 8.01-489
Growing crops, not severed, not liable to distress or levy
§ 8.01-490
No unreasonable distress or levy; sustenance provided for livestock; removal of property
§ 8.01-491
Officer may break open dwelling house and levy on property in personal possession of debtor
§ 8.01-492
Sale of property
§ 8.01-493
Adjournment of sale
§ 8.01-494
Resale of property if purchaser fails to comply; remedy against such purchaser
§ 8.01-495
When money received by officer under execution to be repaid to debtor
§ 8.01-496
Officer not required to go out of his jurisdiction to pay over money
§ 8.01-497
Suit by officer to recover estate on which fieri facias is lien
§ 8.01-498
Selling officers and employees not to bid or to purchase
§ 8.01-499
Officer receiving money to make return thereof and pay net proceeds; commission, etc
§ 8.01-500
Officer receiving money to notify person entitled to receive it