Private Security Services Businesses

This is Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Private Security Services Businesses.” It is part of Title 9.1, titled “Commonwealth Public Safety.” It is part of Chapter 1, titled “Department Of Criminal Justice Services.” It’s comprised of the following 16 sections.

§ 9.1-138
§ 9.1-139
Licensing, certification, and registration required; qualifications; temporary licenses
§ 9.1-140
Exceptions from article; training requirements for out-of-state central station dispatchers
§ 9.1-140.01
Exemption from training requirements; central station dispatchers employed by central stations certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory
§ 9.1-140.1
Registration; waiver of examination; locksmiths
§ 9.1-141
Powers of Board relating to private security services business
§ 9.1-142
Powers of Department relating to private security services businesses
§ 9.1-143
Private Security Services Advisory Board; membership
§ 9.1-144
Bond or insurance required; actions against bond
§ 9.1-145
Fingerprints required; penalty
§ 9.1-146
Limitation on powers of registered armed security officers
§ 9.1-147
Unlawful conduct generally; penalty
§ 9.1-148
Unlawful procurement of a license; penalty
§ 9.1-149
Unlicensed activity prohibited; penalty
§ 9.1-149.1
Unlawful advertisement for regulated services; notice; penalty
§ 9.1-150
Monetary penalty