§ 15.2-1609.9

Compensation of part-time deputies

The part-time deputies of sheriffs shall not receive fixed salaries, but shall be entitled to receive reasonable compensation for their services and allowances for their expenses, to be determined and paid as hereinafter provided. Each such part-time deputy shall keep a record of all services performed by him as such, which shall be reported to the sheriff whose deputy he is. The sheriff shall likewise keep a record of all services performed by each part-time deputy. Each sheriff shall file a monthly report with the board of supervisors or other governing body of the county or city council, as the case may be, on or before the fifth day of the month next succeeding that in which such services are performed, showing in detail all services and hours of service rendered by part-time deputies. The board of supervisors or other governing body or the city council shall recommend to the Compensation Board what in its judgment is a fair compensation to pay each individual part-time deputy of a sheriff on the basis of such reports, except that the limit for compensation per hour of service shall not exceed the hourly equivalent of the minimum annual salary paid a full-time deputy sheriff who performs like services in the same county or city. In addition, mileage and other expenses for rendering the services shall be paid. If in the judgment of the governing body such limit would work a hardship on a particular part-time deputy sheriff, each sum may be increased with the written approval of the judge of the circuit court of the county or city for which such officer is appointed.


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