This is Article 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Sheriff.” It is part of Title 15.2, titled “Counties, Cities And Towns.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Powers Of Local Government.” It is part of Chapter 16, titled “Local Constitutional Officers, Courthouses And Supplies.” It’s comprised of the following 30 sections.

§ 15.2-1609
§ 15.2-1609.1
Number of deputies
§ 15.2-1609.2
Sheriffs' salaries; salaries of certain full-time deputies; maximum limits
§ 15.2-1609.3
Fees and mileage allowances
§ 15.2-1609.4
Records of expenses of sheriffs and full-time deputies
§ 15.2-1609.5
Submission of statement of expenses
§ 15.2-1609.6
Agreements regarding traveling expenses
§ 15.2-1609.7
Salaries and expense allowances to be paid by Commonwealth
§ 15.2-1609.8
Payments to counties having certain optional forms of organization and government
§ 15.2-1609.9
Compensation of part-time deputies
§ 15.2-1610
Standard uniforms and motor vehicle markings to be adopted by sheriffs
§ 15.2-1611
Alternate clothing for sheriff and deputies
§ 15.2-1612
Wearing of same or similar uniforms by unauthorized persons; penalty
§ 15.2-1612.1
Deputy sheriffs to complete course of instruction established by Department of Criminal Justice Services
§ 15.2-1613
Operation of sheriff's office
§ 15.2-1613.1
Processing fee may be imposed on certain individuals
§ 15.2-1614
Destruction of receipts
§ 15.2-1614.1
Expense of boarding and lodging jurors
§ 15.2-1615
Sheriff to deposit funds, keep account of receipts and disbursements, keep books open for inspection
§ 15.2-1615.1
Manner of payment of certain items in budgets of sheriffs
§ 15.2-1616
When deputy may act in place of sheriff
§ 15.2-1617
Deputies of deceased sheriffs
§ 15.2-1618
Compensating certain law-enforcement officers disabled in performance of duty
§ 15.2-1619
When officers not to take obligations
§ 15.2-1620
Process, etc., sent to officer by mail
§ 15.2-1621
Receipts to be given by officers
§ 15.2-1622
Judgment against officer for money due from him
§ 15.2-1623
Judgment for officer or sureties against deputy, etc., when officer liable for misconduct of deputy
§ 15.2-1624
When judgment against officer or sureties has been obtained and paid
§ 15.2-1625
In what court motions may be made