§ 15.2-1610

Standard uniforms and motor vehicle markings to be adopted by sheriffs

A. Except as provided in § 15.2-1611, all uniforms used by sheriffs and their deputies and police officers under the direct control of a sheriff while in the performance of their duties shall (i) easily identify local law-enforcement officers to members of the public, (ii) be of a design and style approved by the sheriff of the locality, and (iii) be worn according to the policies established by the sheriff of the locality.

B. All marked motor vehicles used by sheriffs’ offices shall be solid dark brown or some other solid color, with a reflectorized gold, five-point star on each front side door. The lettering on such stars shall say “Sheriff’s Office” or “Sheriff” in a half-circle above the Seal of the Commonwealth or the seal of the jurisdiction. The name of the county or city shall be placed in a half-circle below the Seal. The words “Sheriff’s Office” or “Sheriff” shall be placed on the rear of the trunk.

C. All sheriffs’ offices shall be in full compliance with specifications for uniforms and motor vehicle markings, if the sheriff prescribes that uniforms be worn and marked motor vehicles be utilized.


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