§ 15.2-2507

Amendment of budget

A. Any locality may amend its budget to adjust the aggregate amount to be appropriated during the current fiscal year as shown in the currently adopted budget as prescribed by § 15.2-2504. However, any such amendment which exceeds one percent of the total expenditures shown in the currently adopted budget must be accomplished by publishing a notice of a meeting and a public hearing once in a newspaper having general circulation in that locality at least seven days prior to the meeting date. The notice shall state the governing body’s intent to amend the budget and include a brief synopsis of the proposed budget amendment. Any local governing body may adopt such amendment at the advertised meeting, after first providing a public hearing during such meeting on the proposed budget amendments.

B. Pursuant to the requirements of §§ 15.2-1609.1, 15.2-1609.7, 15.2-1636.8, and 15.2-1636.13 through 15.2-1636.17 every county and city shall appropriate as part of its annual budget or in amendments thereto amounts for salaries, expenses and other allowances for its constitutional officers that are not less than those established for such offices in the locality by the Compensation Board pursuant to applicable law or, in the event of an appeal pursuant to § 15.2-1636.9, by the circuit court in accordance with the provisions of that section.


1983, c. 319, § 15.1-162.1; 1984, c. 523; 1997, cc. 587, 602; 2007, c. 297.


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