§ 23-218

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Plan for comprehensive community colleges; appropriations; tuition fees and charges; grants or contributions

A. The Board is authorized and directed to prepare and administer a plan providing standards and policies for the establishment, development and administration of comprehensive community colleges under its authority. It shall determine the need for comprehensive community colleges, develop a statewide plan for their location and a time schedule for their establishment. In the development of such plan, a principal objective shall be to provide and maintain a system of comprehensive community colleges through which appropriate educational opportunities and programs to accomplish the purposes set forth in subdivision (a) of § 23-214 shall be made available throughout the Commonwealth. In providing these offerings, the Board shall recognize the need for excellence in all curricula and shall endeavor to establish and maintain standards appropriate to the various purposes the respective programs are designed to serve.

B. The Board shall have the authority to control and expend funds appropriated by law, and to fix tuition fees and charges. The Board may establish policies and guidelines providing for reduced tuition rates at Virginia’s community colleges for employees of the Virginia Community College System. The Board may exercise the powers conferred by Chapter 3 (§ 23-14 et seq.) as any other educational institution as defined in § 23-14.

C. The Board shall be authorized, with the approval of the Governor, to accept from any government or governmental department or agency or any public or private body or from any other source, grants or contributions of money or property which the Board may use for or in aid of any of its purposes.


1966, c. 679; 1996, cc. 134, 486; 2006, c. 337; 2015, cc. 63, 86.


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