§ 28.2-403

Action of Commissioner on such application; transfer of license of disabled vessel; delegation of authority; appeals

A. If the Commissioner is satisfied that the disclosures required by § 28.2-400 have been made and that the application conforms in other respects to the provisions of that section or to § 28.2-400.1, and upon payment of the license fee specified in § 28.2-402, the Commissioner, or the officer through whom or in whose district the application was made, shall issue to the applicant a license for each of the purse seines, vessels, or other watercraft specified in the application. The license shall state the name of the licensee and the name of the vessel or other watercraft licensed.If any vessel or other watercraft so licensed becomes disabled during the period of such license, the licensee may, with the consent of the Commissioner, hire or charter a vessel or other craft belonging to a nonresident to replace the disabled one for the unexpired period of such license. In such a case, the officer shall transfer the license issued for the disabled vessel or other craft to the one so hired or chartered without requiring any additional license.

B. The Commissioner may delegate to the officers his authority under this section. However, any person aggrieved by any action of an officer exercising such delegated authority shall have the right to appeal to the Commissioner for a review and correction of the actions of the officer. The appeal may be made by mailing a statement of the officer’s action, together with the appellant’s objections and the grounds for his objections, to the Commissioner. Upon receipt of such appeal, the Commissioner shall immediately notify the officer involved, who shall, within three days, deliver to the Commissioner all papers in his possession concerning the subject matter of the appeal, together with a written statement of and reasons for his actions. The Commissioner shall issue his ruling granting, transferring, refusing, or refusing to transfer the license within ten days after receipt by him of the appeal.


Code 1950, §§ 28-64, 28-65; 1962, c. 406, § 28.1-62; 1992, c. 836; 2013, cc. 59, 760.


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