§ 53.1-82.1

Approval of jail projects by the Board; plan for community corrections

The Board shall promulgate regulations requiring localities seeking approval of a jail project to (i) submit a community-based corrections plan and (ii) demonstrate that the project can be completed and operated in a cost-efficient manner. Such regulations shall require, at a minimum, the following:

1. That the request include an analysis of staffing needs and a six-year operating budget for the proposed facility;

2. That the request include a plan for development and implementation of pre-trial detention alternatives and post-disposition punishment alternatives on a systematic local and regional basis, which plan shall be reviewed, modified and approved by the Board with assistance from the Department of Criminal Justice Services; and

3. That the project be based on a locality- or region-specific jail population forecast, which shall include an analysis of the impact on the jail population of the alternatives identified pursuant to subdivision 2 of this section, and which forecast shall be reviewed by the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

The Board shall approve no proposed jail project which does not conform to the regulations promulgated pursuant to this section.The provisions of this section shall not apply to jail renovation projects which do not result in a net increase in available bed space.


1993, cc. 387, 787; 2000, c. 1040.


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