§ 55-79.87:1

Rental of units

A. Except as expressly authorized in this chapter or in the condominium instruments or as otherwise provided by law, no unit owners’ association shall:

1. Condition or prohibit the rental of a unit to a tenant by a unit owner or make an assessment or impose a charge except as provided in § 55-79.42:1;

2. Charge a rental fee, application fee, or other processing fee of any kind in excess of $ 50 during the term of any lease;

3. Charge an annual or monthly rental fee or any other fee not expressly authorized in § 55-79.42:1;

4. Require the unit owner to use a lease or an addendum to the lease prepared by the unit owners’ association;

5. Charge any deposit from the unit owner or the tenant of the unit owner; or

6. Have the authority to evict a tenant of any unit owner or to require any unit owner to execute a power of attorney authorizing the unit owners’ association to so evict. However, if the unit owner designates a person licensed under the provisions of § 54.1-2106.1 as the unit owner’s authorized representative with respect to any lease, the unit owners’ association shall recognize such representation without a formal power of attorney, provided that the unit owners’ association is given a written authorization signed by the unit owner designating such representative. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the requirements of § 55-79.77 and the condominium instruments shall be satisfied before any such representative may exercise a vote on behalf of a unit owner as a proxy.

B. The unit owners’ association may require the unit owner to provide the unit owners’ association with the names and contact information of the tenants and authorized occupants under such lease and any authorized agent of the unit owner, and vehicle information for such tenants or authorized occupants. The unit owners’ association may require the unit owner to provide the unit owners’ association with the tenant’s acknowledgement of and consent to any rules and regulations of the unit owners’ association.

C. The provisions of this section shall not apply to units owned by the unit owners’ association.


2015, c. 277; 2016, c. 471.


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