§ 32.1-316

False statement or representation as to conditions or operations of institution or facility; penalty

Any person who knowingly, willfully, and fraudulently makes or causes to be made, or induces or seeks to induce the making of, any false statement or representation of a material fact with respect to the conditions or operations of any institution or facility in order that such institution or facility may qualify, either upon initial certification or upon recertification, as a hospital, skilled nursing facility, intermediate care facility, or home care organization shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony. In addition thereto, a fine may be imposed in an amount not to exceed $ 5,000. The Director of the Department of Medical Assistance Services may terminate or deny a contract to a provider for any violation of this section pursuant to § 32.1-325.


1981, c. 255; 1991, c. 695; 2010, c. 305.


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