§ 32.1-317

Collecting excess payment for services; charging, soliciting, accepting or receiving certain consideration as precondition for admittance to facility or requirement for continued stay; penalty

When the cost of services provided in a facility or by an individual to a patient is paid for, in whole or in part, under medical assistance, any person who:

1. Knowingly and willfully collects or causes to be collected from a patient for any service provided under medical assistance, money or other consideration at a rate in excess of entitlements established by the Department of Medical Assistance Services; or

2. Knowingly and willfully charges, solicits, accepts or receives, or causes to be charged, solicited, accepted, or received any gift, money, donation or other consideration, other than a charitable, religious or philanthropic contribution from an organization or from a person unrelated to the patient, in addition to any amount otherwise required to be paid under medical assistance:

a. As a precondition of admitting a patient to a hospital, skilled nursing facility or intermediate care facility; or

b. As a requirement for the patient’s continued stay in such facility;

shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony. In addition thereto, a fine may be imposed in an amount not to exceed $ 25,000. The Director of the Department of Medical Assistance Services may terminate or deny a contract to a provider for any violation of this section pursuant to § 32.1-325.


1981, c. 255; 1985, c. 153; 2010, c. 305.


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