In General

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “In General.” It is part of Title 32.1, titled “Health.” It is part of Chapter 9, titled “Regulation Of Medical Assistance.” It’s comprised of the following 13 sections.

§ 32.1-310
Declaration of purpose; authority to audit records; authority to review complaints of abuse or neglect
§ 32.1-311
§ 32.1-312
Fraudulently obtaining excess or attempting to obtain excess benefits or payments; penalty
§ 32.1-313
Liability for excess benefits or payments obtained without intent to violate chapter
§ 32.1-314
False statement or representation in applications for payment or for use in determining rights to payment; concealment of facts; penalty
§ 32.1-315
Solicitation or receipt of remuneration for certain services; offer or payment of remuneration for inducement of such services; penalty
§ 32.1-316
False statement or representation as to conditions or operations of institution or facility; penalty
§ 32.1-317
Collecting excess payment for services; charging, soliciting, accepting or receiving certain consideration as precondition for admittance to facility or requirement for continued stay; penalty
§ 32.1-318
Knowing failure to deposit, transfer or maintain patient trust funds in separate account; penalty
§ 32.1-319
Written verification of application, statement or form; penalty for false or misleading information
§ 32.1-320
Duties of Attorney General; medical services providers audit and investigation unit
§ 32.1-321
Prosecution of cases
§ 32.1-321.01
Exemptions from disclosure