§ 33.2-352

Asset management practices; report

A. The Department shall develop asset management practices in the operation and maintenance of the systems of state highways. Such practices shall include a transparent methodology for the allocation of funds from the Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund established pursuant to § 33.2-1530 to highway systems maintenance and operations programs, including the allocations among the highway construction districts and among the Interstate System and primary and secondary state highway systems.

B. The Commissioner of Highways shall advise the Board on or before June 30 of even-numbered years of performance targets and outcomes that are expected to be achieved, based on the funding identified for maintenance, over the biennium beginning July 1 of that year. In addition, not later than September 30 of even-numbered years, the Commissioner of Highways shall advise the Board on the Department’s accomplishments relative to the expected outcomes and budget expenditures for the biennium ending June 30 of that year and also advise the Board as to the methodology used to determine maintenance needs and the justification as to the maintenance funding by source.


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