§ 33.2-365

Allocation of proceeds of Commonwealth of Virginia Transportation Capital Projects Revenue Bonds

The Board shall allocate, use, and distribute the proceeds of any bonds it is authorized to issue on or after July 1, 2007, pursuant to subdivision 10 of § 33.2-1701, as follows:

1. A minimum of 20 percent of the bond proceeds shall be used for transit capital as further described in subdivision A 4 c of § 58.1-638.

2. A minimum of 4.3 percent of the bond proceeds shall be used for rail capital consistent with the provisions of §§ 33.2-1601 and 33.2-1602.

3. The remaining amount of bond proceeds shall be used for paying the costs incurred or to be incurred for construction of transportation projects with such bond proceeds used or allocated as follows: (i) first, to match federal highway funds projected to be made available and allocated to highway and public transportation capital projects to the extent determined by the Board, for purposes of allowing additional state construction funds to be allocated pursuant to § 33.2-358; (ii) second, to provide any required funding to fulfill the Commonwealth’s allocation of equivalent revenue sharing matching funds pursuant to § 33.2-357 to the extent determined by the Board; and (iii) third, to pay or fund the costs of statewide or regional projects throughout the Commonwealth. Costs incurred or to be incurred for construction or funding of these transportation projects shall include environmental and engineering studies; rights-of-way acquisition; improvements to all modes of transportation; acquisition, construction, and related improvements; and any financing costs or other financing expenses relating to such bonds. Such costs may include the payment of interest on such bonds for a period during construction and not exceeding one year after completion of construction of the relevant project.

4. The total amount of bonds authorized shall be used for purposes of applying the percentages in subdivisions 1, 2, and 3.


2007, c. 896, § 33.1-23.4:01; 2011, cc. 830, 868; 2013, c. 639; 2014, c. 805; 2015, c. 684.


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