§ 46.2-1146

Excess height and length permits for haulers of certain imported goods

The Commissioner and local authorities of cities and towns in their respective jurisdictions, upon written application by the owners or operators of motor vehicles used to transport items arriving at a Virginia port by ship from overseas points of origin and consigned to an assembly plant in this Commonwealth, shall issue without cost permits for the operation of such motor vehicles on the highways if those vehicles do not exceed the height limitation set forth in § 46.2-1110 by more than one and one-half feet and not exceeding the length limitation as set forth in §§ 46.2-1112 and 46.2-1113 by more than three feet. The Commissioner and local authorities may designate the routes such permittees shall use from the port to the assembly plant.


1973, c. 62, § 46.1-343.3; 1989, c. 727; 1996, cc. 36, 87; 2003, c. 314.


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