§ 46.2-1147

Permits for excessive size and weight for articulated buses

The Commissioner, upon written application by the owner or operator of passenger buses having three or more axles consisting of two sections joined together by an articulated joint with the trailer being equipped with a mechanically steered rear axle, and having a gross weight of no more than 60,000 pounds, a single axle weight of no more than 25,000 pounds, and a width of no more than 102 inches, shall issue to such owner or operator a written permit authorizing the operation of such vehicles on the highways. The fee for such permit shall be as provided in § 46.2-1140.1.


1973, c. 62, § 46.1-343.3; 1989, c. 727; 1996, cc. 36, 87; 2003, c. 314; 2012, c. 443.


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