Permits For Excessive Size And Weight

This is Article 18 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Permits For Excessive Size And Weight.” It is part of Title 46.2, titled “Motor Vehicles.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Operation.” It is part of Chapter 10, titled “Motor Vehicle And Equipment Safety.” It’s comprised of the following 26 sections.

§ 46.2-1139
Permits for excessive size and weight generally; penalty
§ 46.2-1139.1
Delegation of permitting authority
§ 46.2-1140
Authority to use certain streets and highways in cities and towns
§ 46.2-1140.1
Annual overweight permits; fees
§ 46.2-1141
Overweight permits for containerized freight
§ 46.2-1142
Overweight permits for concrete haulers
§ 46.2-1142.1
Extensions of overweight limits authorized under § 46.2-1142 for vehicles used to haul concrete; fees
§ 46.2-1143
Overweight permits for coal haulers; trucks hauling gravel, sand, crushed stone, or liquids produced from gas or oil wells in certain counties; penalties
§ 46.2-1143.1
Overweight permits for haulers of excavated material
§ 46.2-1144
Overweight permits for solid waste haulers
§ 46.2-1144.1
Overweight permits for tank wagons
§ 46.2-1144.2
Overweight permits for haulers of farm animal feed
§ 46.2-1145
Overweight permits for certain trucks operated by Arlington County
§ 46.2-1146
Excess height and length permits for haulers of certain imported goods
§ 46.2-1147
Permits for excessive size and weight for articulated buses
§ 46.2-1148
Overweight permit for hauling Virginia-grown farm produce
§ 46.2-1148.1
Overweight permit for hauling forest products
§ 46.2-1149
Unladen, oversize and overweight, rubber-tired, self-propelled haulers and loaders; permits; engineering analysis; costs
§ 46.2-1149.1
Excess tandem axle weight permits for cotton module haulers
§ 46.2-1149.2
Permit authorizing transportation of tree-length logs
§ 46.2-1149.3
Payment of fees into special fund
§ 46.2-1149.4
Overweight permits for specialized mobile equipment
§ 46.2-1149.5
Overweight permits for underground pipe cleaning, hydroexcavating, and water blasting equipment
§ 46.2-1149.6
Permits for truck cranes
§ 46.2-1149.7
Specialized construction equipment; permits; engineering analysis; costs
§ 46.2-1149.8
Excess width permits for vehicles transporting watercraft