§ 46.2-411.1

Reinstatement of driver’s license suspended or revoked for a conviction of driving while intoxicated

A. Before restoring a driver’s license to any person (i) whose license to drive a motor vehicle has been suspended or revoked as a result of a conviction for driving while intoxicated in violation of § 18.2-266, or of any substantially similar valid local ordinance or law of another jurisdiction, or of subsection A of § 46.2-341.24 and (ii) who has been required by a court order to successfully complete an alcohol safety action program pursuant to § 18.2-271.1 because of that conviction, the Commissioner shall require written confirmation that the person has successfully completed such program unless the requirement for completion of the program has been waived by the court for good cause shown.

B. Any person who drives a motor vehicle in the Commonwealth after the period of license suspension has expired and after all requirements for reinstatement have been satisfied except for successful completion of such program shall be guilty of a violation of § 46.2-300.


2000, cc. 959, 985; 2001, cc. 133, 160.


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