§ 46.2-412

Time suspension or revocation

Every suspension or revocation shall remain in effect and the Commissioner shall not issue any new or renewal license or register in his name any motor vehicle, until permitted under the provisions of this chapter. When three years shall have elapsed from the date of the termination of the revocation provided by § 46.2-389 or § 46.2-391, or in the case of a suspension pursuant to the provisions of § 46.2-417, when three years has elapsed from the date of satisfaction of the judgment or judgments, the person may be relieved of giving proof of his financial responsibility in the future, provided he is not required to furnish or maintain proof of financial responsibility under any other provision of this chapter. The requirement of this section for giving and maintaining proof of financial responsibility shall not, however, apply in the case of a person whose license has been suspended under § 46.2-400.


Code 1950, § 46-426; 1958, cc. 154, 541, § 46.1-439; 1966, c. 377; 1989, c. 727.


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