§ 53.1-106

Members of jail or jail farm board or regional jail authority; powers; payment of pro rata costs

A. Each regional jail or jail farm shall be supervised and managed by a board or authority to consist of at least the sheriff from each participating political subdivision, and one representative from each political subdivision participating therein who shall be appointed by the local governing body thereof. Any member of the local governing body of each participating political subdivision shall be eligible for appointment to the jail or jail farm board or regional jail authority. However, no one shall serve as a member of the board or authority who serves as an administrator or superintendent of a correctional facility supervised and managed by the board.Alternate members may be appointed to the board. Such alternate members shall be selected in the same manner as regular members, except that a sheriff may appoint his own alternate. The term of each alternate shall be determined by the sheriff or the political subdivision, whichever appointed the alternate. If a regular member is not present at a meeting of the board, the alternate for that member shall have all the voting and other rights of a regular member and shall be counted for purposes of determining a quorum at any meeting.

B. The board shall have the power to:

1. Establish rules and regulations governing the operation of the jail or jail farm not inconsistent with standards of the State Board of Corrections;

2. Purchase land for the jail or jail farm for joint ownership by the participating political subdivisions with the approval of the local governing bodies;

3. Provide for all necessary stock, equipment and structures for the jail or jail farm within the budget approved therefor by the participating political subdivisions; and

4. Appoint a superintendent of such jail or jail farm and necessary jail officers therefor who shall serve at the pleasure of the board.The political subdivisions establishing a regional jail or jail farm shall pay their pro rata costs for land, stock, equipment and structures.


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